Jenny Martinez.

Hello! I am a portrait photographer from Fairfax, VA. A momma to three little ones- Naomi, Levi and Oliver.

Photography has always been something I love, but my kids are the ones who turned it into a passion.

I wanted to cherish every single stage that they were in. To capture the little wrinkles of those first few months of life. To remember the snuggles, the tears and the smiles.

 I practiced on them for a long time before diving in and capturing that for other people. I LOVE being able to capture this moment in time for you and it makes my heart so happy when I see my pictures shared or printed on your walls!

A few fun facts about me: I love to read romance or historical fiction. I bring plants home way too often. I have way too many pets (is there really ever too many though?). I love a classic margarita. And I love cinnamon rolls.



“Jenny! I love love love the pictures! I may or may not have teared up looking through them. You even tell the kids were in crazy mode.”